With a wine bar on the ground floor and a restaurant with its own Wine Room upstairs, the grape is a big deal at Aster. We spoke to Head Sommelier Marco Marcuzzo about what’s in his cellar…


What has inspired your wine list for Aster?
The selection of wines have been made with Chef Helena’s cooking at the forefront of my mind. Her dishes include a lot of Nordic meats, smoked fish and red berries, which call for rich but fresh wines.


What are your plans for the bar downstairs?
I want to make it a destination wine bar for Victoria. We’ve listed a lot of wines by the glass: eight red, eight white, two rosé, four sparkling and even a couple of sherries, all to be enjoyed alongside some tasty sharing boards. There will also be a regular calendar of pop-in tastings with winemakers.


Do you have any favourite bottles on the list?
My favourite? If I have to say one I’ll go for Cheverny Rouge “Caillère”, Clos du Tue-Boeuf from Loire Valley, an incredible wine with enough freshness and complexity versatility to match smoked fish and even slow-cooked red meat.


How do you think Nordic countries have influenced wine trends in recent years?
Nordic countries don’t seem to have the same preconceptions about wines and wine regions, so there’s a lack of snobbishness especially when it comes to Old vs. New World – it’s all about the wine itself. Key elements are balance, freshness and softness.