Aster’s PRESS Juice

10-07-2017 TO 31-08-2017

For the first time ever, Executive Chef Helena Puolakka is collaborating with health-crazed juice company PRESS to create an exclusive new juice, inspired by Helena’s own Nordic Wilderness heritage!

PRESS’ expertise on cold-pressed, raw and completely unpasteurised juices combined with Helena’s distinctive Nordic-French cuisine has produced an antioxidant berry-based juice unlike anything PRESS have created before. Contrasting the tart flavours of sea buckthorn and Scandinavian lingonberry with softer notes of sweet apple and fresh cucumber, alongside flavours of blueberry and mint, this berry juice is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

This limited edition juice will be available in the Deli.

To launch the juice we have created the press challenge – any fitness guru who can do 20 press ups in a row during our Sunday morning  fitness class will receive a free juice!